Thomas Grosse
Notary and Attorney - Gerichtsstr. 47 - D-45355 Essen-Borbeck
Tel. 0201/680150 - Fax 0201/682454 - mail(at)
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Thomas Grosse

Notary and Attorney
D-45355 Essen-Borbeck

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Attorney at Law

Attorney's robe

Our Law firm, established in 1986, will advise you in all legal matters with selected topics. To our clients we offer a wide range of modern legal services. Calls and correspondence in English.

As Attorneys we attend to you -among others- in

We do not handle matters of visa, asylum, immigration and citizenship.

Mind: Some typical duties of anglo-american attorneys (e.g. purchase of a real estate, will) in Germany are performed by Notaries and mentioned here.

Need to send us a Power of Attorney? Print this form (German, with informatory translation) and save time. This declaration we need in case of personal injury to release your doctor from confidentiality.

Link to Prison Handbook by Berlin UK-Embassy: German rules of criminal procedure in English.

You came from outside EU (European Community), had a connecting flight and brought cash of more than 10,000 €?
25% were confiscated as a deposit for your fine? Read more!