Thomas Grosse
Notary and Attorney - Gerichtsstr. 47 - D-45355 Essen-Borbeck
Tel. 0201/680150 - Fax 0201/682454 - mail(at)
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Thomas Grosse

Notary and Attorney
D-45355 Essen-Borbeck

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Thomas Grosse

Thomas Grosse
Attorney at Law and Civil Law Notary

Gerichts­str. 47
45355 Essen-Borbeck

Phone: (+49) (0)201/680150
Fax: (+49) (0)201/682454
Email: Mail[at]

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Languages: English, German, some Italian.

Business hours: 9:00am to 1:00pm and, except Fridays, 2:00pm to 5:00pm CET [MEZ].
For overseas visitors: Show our actual time. 

Meetings on appointment, also off-time and at your home, your office or at familiar surroundings.
Normally, an appointment can be made within a day. Please call for an appointment, don't ask by e-mail.

Main focuses: I practically only work as a Civil Law Notary with focuses on commercial register law, real estate sales and encumbrances, wills and powers of attorney. You find an overview with the menu on the other pages of this homepage, more about me in the legal notice.

Getting here: Easily with GoogleMaps ...
My office is right in the heart of Essen-Borbeck: Close to the old and the new market, at intersection Wuestenhoeferstr. / Gerichtsstr., above Café Augenblick.
Parking: At the Kaufland-parking garage nearby (160m east), the new market (50m west), or in surrounding streets.
Public transport: Stops for train (S9-NWB), streetcar (101-103) and bus (140-143-160-170-180) nearby (100m).

Admissions: As an attorney locally into all courts in Germany except (in civil cases) the federal court of justice. Former limitations on a single district courts area were cancelled in 2007. Attorney (or advocate, barrister, counsel, counselor, lawyer, proctor, solicitor; in German all those are called "Rechtsanwalt", "Anwalt" in short, who practice law either within or without court) since 1986, Civil Law Notary since 1994.

Administrative district as a Civil Law Notary: Essen-Borbeck with its suburbs Bedingrade, Bergeborbeck, Bochold, Borbeck-Mitte, Dellwig, Frintrop, Gerschede, Schoenebeck and Vogelheim (zip codes 45355, 45356, 45357 and 45359). Here, normally at the office, the procedure of notarization has to take place. The subject of a contract (e.g. house or condo/freehold flat) can be allocated anywere.

This English version: My intention ist not to offer a complete translation of the entire homepage. I restrict the English version to those pages I assume to be interesting for my English speaking visitors and have added some links and pages only concerning readers from abroad. Uninterpreted pages: Try Google Translator.

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