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Thomas Grosse

Civil Law Notary
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Civil Law Notary

SignetThere are essential differences between the functions of German Civil Law Notaries and the Notaries in the most anglo-american countries. The American notary gives no legal advice and chiefly legalizes signatures. In Germany, according to our law, you e.g. cannot sell, buy or charge real estates without a notarial capacity. Here is more detailed information.

As a Civil Law Notary I am the impartial and independent state-appointed official and will attend to you in all matters, where a notary is statutory or advisable, especially:

I notarize in English including the deed's draft. Here is an example, one page from a bilingual real estate sales contract. For international use I procure a required Legalization or Apostille.

Meetings on appointment, also off-time and at your home, office or familiar surroundings.

According to german law, the process of notarization has to take place in my very administrative district (except "particular legitimate interests of the clients demand acting beyond"). It is identical to the district of Essen-Borbeck local court, covering Essen suburbs Bedingrade, Bergeborbeck, Bochold, Borbeck-Mitte, Dellwig, Frintrop, Gerschede, Schoenebeck and Vogelheim (ZIP codes 45355, 45356, 45357 und 45359). The object of the contract can be allocated anywhere in the world.