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Thomas Grosse

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Legal Notice


Here are informations about my homepage according to German Law:


Thomas Grosse, Attorney at Law and Civil Law Notary
Gerichtsstrasse 47
D-45355 Essen-Borbeck

Phone: (+49) (0)201/680150
Fax: (+49) (0)201/682454
Cell (in emergencies): (+49) (0)170/7360447

GPS: +51° 28' 22.45", +6° 57' 1.8"

Email: Grosse[at] (to me)

Email: Mail[at] (to my staff)

VAT-Id: DE235409661

Data protection:

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Regulations of the business law:

I am member of
Rechtsanwaltskammer Hamm [Attorneys Chamber], Ostenallee 18, D-59063 Hamm,
Phone 02381/985000, Fax 02381/985050, E-Mail: info[at]
and of
Westfaelische Notarkammer [Notaries Chamber], Ostenallee 18, D-59063 Hamm,
Phone 02381/96959-0, Fax 02381/96959-51, E-Mail: info[at],
both acting as supervision authorities as well.
As a Notary I am furthermore subject to the supervision of the
Praesidentin des Landgerichts Essen [President of the district court], Zweigertstrasse 52, D-45130 Essen,
Phone 0201/803-0, Fax 0201/803-2900, E-Mail: poststelle[at]

My statutory occupational title is "Rechtsanwalt und Notar", best translated as "Attorney at Law and Civil Law Notary". This title was bestowed upon me in the Federal Republic of Gemany.

As an Attorney I am subject to the regulations of:

As a Civil Law Notary I am subject to the regulations of:

All links in German. If one of them should be broken, the regulations can be looked up in their respective current version on the homepages of the surveillance authorities:

Professional liability insurer: Allianz SE, Koeniginstrasse 28, D-80802 Muenchen (Mail: D-10900 Berlin). Area of application: EU. (Details: § 51 BRAO / § 19a BNotO)

Administrative district:

My administrative district as a notary is identical to the district of Essen-Borbeck local court, containing Essen suburbs Bedingrade, Bergeborbeck, Bochold, Borbeck-Mitte, Dellwig, Frintrop, Gerschede, Schoenebeck and Vogelheim (ZIP codes 45355, 45356, 45357 und 45359). The act of notarization usually has to take place in this very administrative district (except "particular legitimate interests of the clients demand acting beyond"), this regulation does apply for any german civil law notary, the object of the notarization can be located everywhere.


Internet and its contents are subjects to constant changes. Therefore I can not grant completeness and correct­ness of the informations. I am responsible for my own content only, not for the contents from other providers I refer to with links. For linked content I am only responsible in case of positive knowledge of its illegality and my technical ability and reasonability to prevent its use. That means: I cannot check all my links daily.
Though I have carefully researched the content of this homepage, I am not responsible for the correctness, completeness and actuality of my informations. They are general informations and no legal advice for an idividual case. Verbal or written advice without client relationship is without obligation.

E-Mail communication ...

... may have security vulnerabilities. Sending me an unencrypted mail implies your consent to receive the answer unencrypted as well. Encryption is possible on demand.
E-Mail traffic may be subject to failures. E-Mails sent to me cause a client relationship only after confirmation.


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All by me, many of them taken in Borbeck. Background under the left hand menu is a bronze statue at Borbeck New Market by Franz-Josef Kampmann, "Borbecker Halblang" (~ outgrown trousers). More about Borbeck at Wikipedia.

Thomas Grosse:Thomas Grosse

Born 1954 in Essen, Germany,
Attended Gymnasium (~German High School) Borbeck,
Attended Ruhr-University Bochum 1977-1982,
Trainee lawyer at Essen district court 1982-1986,
Research associate at the Institute for Manpower Studies (IAW) and the Institute for Applied Innovation Research (IAI), Ruhr-University Bochum 1986-1987,
Attorney at Law since 1986 (or advocate, barrister, counsel, counselor, lawyer, proctor, solicitor; in German all those are called "Rechtsanwalt", "Anwalt" in short, who practice law either at the court or beyond, German Law knows no division into solicitors and barristers),
Civil Law Notary (in German: Notar) since 1994,
married to a family court judge, two children.

Member of the German Bar Association ('Deutscher AnwaltVerein'),
member of the German Association for Computing in the Judiciary ('Deutscher EDV-Gerichtstag').